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For over forty years, Metrotech Corporation has been a leading innovator and provider of utility locating insutrument solutions for underground utilities. Metrotech is known for many quality line locators, including the 810, which is well known as a solid, easy-to-use line locating instrument. Metrotech's many product design successes, such as the legendary 810, have changed locating forever and made the name Metrotech synonymous with locating equipment.  

In 2005 Vivax was established by a team experienced with the successful design, manufacture, and sales of utility locators.  In 2009 Metrotech and Vivax combined forces to create Vivax-Metrotech Corporation.  The combined companies' products are utilized by virtually every utility throughout the world.  

A former member of the Seba Group - Vivax-Metrotech headquarters and world-wide sales and marketing are based in Santa Clara, CA U.S.A. Engineering facilities are located in Santa Clara, CA and Exeter, UK. Manufacturing facilities are located in Santa Clara, CA and Shanghai, PRC. Vivax-Metrotech's products are manufactured under ISO9001 required standards.

Vivax-Metrotech takes the best of both the proven Metrotech brand and the expertese of the stellar Vivax design team, resulting a brand that represents the best of both groups.  As a result, Vivax-Metrotech brings together management, engineering, and sales teams along with a proven and experienced sales distribution network that provides superb local support for its products.

Vivax-Metrotech is dedicated to its commitment to provide its customers with well designed products at competitive prices. Indepth Utility Solutions strives to bring these products to the state of Texas with superior technical support and quality customer service .