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Indepth Utility Solutions carries a wide range of pipe and cable locators that provide the functionality required by the experienced field technician and the simplicity needed by novices. From simple left/right guidance locators to high performance units such as the vLoc-5000.

Camera Inspection Systems

Indepth Utility Solutions offers Vivax-Metrotech's full line of inspection systems from their new vCamMX mini systems to the full vCam-5 mainline pushrod systems. The myriad of options and combinations within these two lines allows Indepth to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of pipe inspection professionals.




Water Leak Detection

Indepth Utility Solutions offers a complete spectrum of water leak detection products from Sewerin.  We offer correlator systems, electro-acoustic water leak detection tools, as well as Noise logger systems.  Please call us at 281-969-8530 for more information.


Water Leak Detection Solutions:


Sewerin Electro-Acoustic Water Leak DetectorsElectro-Acoustic Water Leak Detectors

Sewerin LoggersLoggers

Sewerin CorrelatorsCorrelators


Utility Tools

Indepth Utility Solutions provides Utility Tools such as Duct Rodders from Jameson Corporation, as well as a full line of insulated soil Probes and multi-purpose hooks from T&T Tools.  Please call Indepth at 281-969-8530 for assistance with these products.  See below for more information about our Rodders and Probes.

Pipeline Defect Mapper

The Vivax-Metrotech Pipeline Defect Mapper identifies defective pipeline coating and shorts to other structions that can render cathodic protection ineffective.  The vLocDM2 has been designed specifically for surveying pipelines and it offers the user the flexibility of being used as a pipe and cable locator.

Metal Detectors

We offer Metal detectors designed to locate Ferrous metals.  Our Metal Detectors are able to easily identify ferrous metal items such as manhole covers and valve boxes with a simple user interface and an affordable price tag.