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vLoc-5000 Pipe/ Cable Locator

vLoc-5000 Pipe & Cable Locator

The Vivax-Metrotech vLoc-5000 line locating kit from Vivax-Metrotech is the most cutting edge locator on the market.  Complete with built in GPS, bluetooth connectivity, and even a smart phone app interface.  

This is the most complete locator you will find.  The Vivax-Metrotech vLoc-5000 pipe and cable locator includes features like Signal Select (SIS), Signal Direction (SD), Positive Line ID, Distortion Alert and a built-in GPS for precision mapping.  With over 60 available frequencies, cathodic protection mode, and signal direction, this is the tool for the professional line locator and holds a new standard in utility locating.  It comes standard with a high-capacity Lithium-ion battery which saves time and money buy allowing the user to avoid changing alkaline batteries.  

Included with the standard vLoc-5000 kit comes the new Loc-10TxSIS transmitter which is designed specifically for the vLoc-5000 receiver and provides a new Signal Select positive line ID feature, as well as Signal Direction modes.  

  • Built in GPS
  • Cathodic Mode
  • Signal Direction
  • Signal Select
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • More!

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vLoc-5000 Product Brochure
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vloc-5000 Datasheet
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vLoc-5000 User Handbook
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