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vLocML2 Pipe/ Cable Locator

vLocML2 Pipe & Cable Locator

The Vivax-Metrotech vLocML2 is a multi-purpose pipe and cable locator with an option to locate EMS marker balls used by utilities. The vLocML2 comes standard with all the features that the vLocPro2 boasts, but with a built-in durable carbon fiber encased antenna for accurate marker ball detection.  

Other manufacturers use fold down antennas or heavy ferrite antennas.  This solution provides a permanently mounted lightweight carbon fiber encased antenna.

With the vLocML2, the user has a choice between multiple modes of operation.  Specifically, the vLocML2 can be a dedicated marker ball locator, a full featured pipe & cable locator, or locate both marker balls and pipes & cables simultaneously.  

The color display indicates the marker type, and is identified by both a colored ICON and a number - the response is indicated by a large animated circular ball.

  • Location of passive EMS style markers used by utilities to mark underground assets
  • Color coded signal strength indication
  • Dedicated line locate mode
  • Dedicated marker locate mode
  • Simultaneous line and marker locate mode



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vLoc Series 2 Brochure
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vLoc ML2 Datasheet
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vLoc ML2 User Handbook
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