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Vivax-Metrotech Transmitter Induction Clamps


Indepth Utility Solutions carries the full line of Vivax-Metrotech Transmitter Induction Clamps which come in a variety of sizes and lengths suitable for insulated lines with 2" and greater diameters.  These induction clamps are used to apply the transmitter signal to an insulated line.  See the chart for various sizes and applications available.

 Vivax-Metrotech 2 Inch Signal Clamp

 Vivax-Metrotech 2" Induction Signal Clamp

The 2" Clamp is used for smaller telephone cable applications, CATV, and fiber optic cables.

Compatible with these transmitters:  Loc-1 Tx,  Loc-5 Tx,  Loc-10 Tx,  VM-550 Tx,  VM-810 Tx,  

VM-850 Tx

 Vivax-Metrotech 4 Inch Signal Clamp

 Vivax-Metrotech 4" Induction Signal Clamp

The 4" Clamp is useful for telephone and some power applications.  

Compatible with these transmitters:   Loc-1 Tx,  Loc-5 Tx,  Loc-10 Tx,  VM-550 Tx,  VM-810 Tx

VM-850 Tx

 Vivax-Metrotech 5 Inch Signal Clamp

 Vivax-Metrotech 5" Induction Signal Clamp

The 5" Clamp is the most popular clamp selection for users primarily locating underground power cable.  It allows signal application on 4" and larger conduit.

Compatible with these transmitters: Loc-1 Tx, Loc-5 Tx, Loc-10 Tx,  VM-550 Tx,  VM-810 Tx

VM-850 Tx

 Vivax Metrotech 18 inch flexible clamp

 Vivax-Metrotech 18" Flexible Induction Signal Clamp

The 18" Flexi-Clamp is a flexible clamp designed to fit insulated lines up to 18" in diameter.  It can also be used to apply signal to large bunches of cable. 

Compatible with these transmitters: Loc-1 TX, Loc-5 Tx  Loc-10 Tx

 Vivax Metrotech 4 inch SIS Induction Clamp

 Vivax-Metrotech 4" SIS Induction Clamp

The signal select clamp is used to apply the locating signal if direct connection is not possible, taking advantage of the positive ID frequencies of the vLoc-5000.

 Vivax Metrotech Clamp Extension Rod

 Vivax-Metrotech Clamp Extension Rod

The clamp extension rod can be used by screwing the rod into the handle of the signal clamp enabling the clamp to be attached to hard to reach cables, such as in manholes.  Multiple rods can be used by fitting them together with a female thread in the handle.