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Vivax-Metrotech Type-CP Reel

Vivax-Metrotech Type-CP Reel

The Vivax-Metrotech 200' Type-CP Reel is the general day to day workhorse and the 400' Type-CP is good for the municipal worker concerned with checking main lines from manhole to manhole. Both versions of the Type-CP Reel come standard with built in Sonde and 12mm Traceable Pushrod.

  • Pushrod length is either 200 or 400 feet of 12mm pushrod
  • The Termination is a Heavy duty spring with field serviceable coiled cables and steel rope lanyards
  • The Reel is compatible with D34-C (1.3" dia.) and D46-C (1.8" dia.) cameras
  • The sonde is 512 and 640Hz

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Type-CP Reel Compatible Cameras:



Type-CP Reel Compatible Cameras